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DJ/Producer/Vocalist, Barron S is best described as one part fiery red head and two parts total music nerd.


Her passion for music & helping people celebrate their lives on the dance floor, landed her DJing on Rihanna’s Anti World Tour, opening for Electro-Funk duo Chromeo, and spinning in support of House Music Producer & Label Maker, Sharam Jey.

She is also the currently the only female DJ in the NHL. She is the resident DJ at Rogers Arena, and Music Director for the Vancouver Canucks. Through creating custom edits and remixes she creates a unique soundtrack for each Home Game, while also transforming the sound of hockey.

As an accomplished musician Barron S both produces her own music, AND adds live vocals, fx, and harmonies to her DJ sets. Her favourite genres to create in include: Deep House, Funky House, and G House.  


New original music coming March 2020.

BARRON S IS SO GOOD! No bullsh!t, and I hate errything.

It's like when Bob Dylan said he saw Joan Baez on TV and thought,

'now that girl needs a singing partner.'


Platinum Selling Recording Artist

Barron S, along with being my dear friend, is an INCREDIBLE talent. SO excited for her MIXTAPE! It's ADDICTIVE!!!

Carly Rae Jepsen

Platinum Selling Recording Artist






Twisted Element Anniversary Party   Calgary, Alberta        Nov 15th 

Canucks Games @ Rogers Arena   View the Schedule

Reveal Gala @ Rogers Arena   Vancouver, BC.         Saturday Feb 1st